How PBJ Wiz Works



In the setting screen, enter the row & columns of the Staff Data and Staff Work Hours excel files which you are importing.


Import Staff & Hours

First import the Staff Data and then the Staff Work Hours. (PBJ Wiz will import only the hours for the staff who are in the Staff Database and will exclude non- direct care hours worked).


Review & Modify Data

Review hours with custom reports that will show total labor hours by job class, date or range of dates. Modify and update data. Add contract and agency staff and automatically add standard hours for exempt staff in a user friendly environment.


Create PBJ XML File

Click on “Create PBJ XML File” and PBJ Wiz will analyze and pre-check the data, which then creates and downloads the zipped PBJ XML file for you to submit to CMS.

Why Choose Us


We pride ourselves on fast response time and quality customer service through telephone & remote support or local On-Site visit. We will promptly get your issue resolved and your employees back to work.


Our PBJ Wiz software is very easy to learn. Your staff will get up to speed in the matter of one hour.


We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction on PBJ Wiz software and all other services.



I can’t imagine the stress our facility would be under right now if it weren’t for “PBJ Wiz” coming to the rescue. Our current payroll and timekeeping vender initially told us they would be on board with the new CMS PBJ reporting requirements. Then just a few months before the CMS mandated start date they told us they were not going to be able to offer us a solution. We were forced to think of a plan “B” with little time to prepare. We had resolved that our plan “B” would be to manually enter all staff hours, which would be a huge burden, until we mentioned this to our IT Engineer who has been servicing our Nursing Home for 20+ years. He listened to the need and researched the CMS requirements and created “PBJ Wiz”. It is beyond anything I could have imagined. He has created this program because he knew we were at a loss and it is a perfect example of how he continually goes above and beyond to satisfy a customer. We can now easily export the hours from our current timekeeping system to excel and then upload the excel file into PBJ Wiz. From there we can view and modify the data before creating the XML file. My favorite feature is the reports, I can sort and view the staff hours, by job class, date or range of dates, which gives us total assurance that we aren’t missing anything before submission to CMS. The database is so user friendly and easy to navigate. Once I reviewed all the data it was literally a click to create the zipped PBJ XML file. I am extremely excited to share that today, June 27, 2016 is the first day of CMS PBJ version 2.0 and the file we submitted was accepted by CMS!

Assistant Controller
St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus Milwaukee, WI

Colleen Kinney